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5 bootable “tools suits” to upgrade or troubleshoot a computer

I came with a very basic need: copy a Hard Disk Drive to another one. Well, there were some constraints:

  • The HDD is used in a Network Attached Storage (NAS) running Linux, thus data on it are in native Linux format.
  • The source HDD is twice the size of the target HDD, while that actual data volume is of course smaller than the space available on the target HDD.

Trust me, doing this “simple task” turned into a 3 days (and nights) nightmare. The good side of this, is that I (re-) discovered fantastic tools everyone should be aware of. All this “Tools Suits” are a collection of useful tools, compiled over a bootable CD, or even bootable usb stick. My advice: you should select the compilation that better fit your need and make a bootable CD now. The day your computer will stop booting, you’ll thank me ;-) Read the rest of this entry »