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Wordpress 3.2 : a major move

wp 3.2 is out!
Wordpress 3.2 is a new major release, like 2.9 was.

But this time, not only because this new version of Wordpress introduces very exciting features, but also because wordpress 3.2 drops backward compatibility with legacy browser (ie6), PHP engine 4 (PHP4) and Mysql 4.x (5.0+ required).

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Dirty hack: force primary category for wordpress post permalink

The permalink from Wordpress CODEX

I’m not especially proud of this hack. However, I was getting crazy by how the category used for a post permalink is choosen. And I could not figure out a clean way to control which is the primary permalink (I hope it’s not part of Wordpress 3.0…).

You may need to set the primary category for permalink in two situations:

  • First, you want some consistency among your posts, having them in the same primary category.
  • Second, it’s never fun when, by adding an additional category to an existing post, it changes the post permalink!

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Wordpress Plugin Google Analytics reset forever

Google Analytics Plugin for Wordpress

The google analytics plugin for wordpress is useful: it allows to insert the google analytics tracking code without any change to the theme file.

There is however something very irritating with this plugin: each time I upgraded the plugin, I had to re-enter the settings. And more frustrating: as long as you don’t update the settings, your stats are not recorded anymore by google analytics. This is why I’m almost not upgrading it anymore :-(

I got an even worst surprise after an upgrade of both worpdress and the google analytics plugin: I was unable to save the parametrs, each try ended with: Read the rest of this entry »

Wordpress 2.9 is out… Wordpress 2.9.1 around the corner!

Carmen, the 2.9 version of WordPress has launched on December 19th.

You may be tempted to upgrade your blog using the automatic function after discovering the exciting new feature included.

But, wait… There are some flaws in this release. So, you’d better wait for the patch version 2.9.1 (already available as beta).

However, unlike the 2.8.6 release, the 2.9 release is worth considering the upgrade, with new features targetting end-users, like Read the rest of this entry »

Is Worpdress 2.8.6 upgrade required ?

Wordpress Logo

Each time there is a new release, you’re invited to upgrade your wordpress setup.

In a perfect world, everyone is doing so. But in our (crazy) world, you may want to defer the upgrade. And regarding wordpress version 2.8.6, you would be right. Provided you’re not concerned by this security warning:

2.8.6 fixes two security problems that can be exploited by registered, logged in users who have posting privileges.  If you have untrusted authors on your blog, upgrading to 2.8.6 is recommended.

In other words, if only you (or trusted users) have posting privileges, you may just wait for next wordpress release :-)


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